Sustainable and healthy workplaces!

Offer employees who bike at your workplace or property free access to MIOO bike services all year round.

Together, we can get more people cycling!

Today, more and more people bike as a means of transport. In Stockholm about 10% of all trips are on bikes and in Malmö almost 40%. In total, almost 300,000 Swedes cycle to work every day.

What would happen if all these cyclists drove? What would happen if we could increase the number of bicycle trips instead?

Gains for property owners or companies investing in cycling:

  • Health & Sustainability
  • Surface efficiency – 1 car parking space can accommodate 8-20 bicycles
  • Time savings – cyclists have the ability to be more precise in their travel planning

How to increase cycling as a property owner or company:

  • Ensure there are lockable bike parking spaces near entrances
  • Develop secure indoor bike parking for those with more expensive bikes
  • Provide changing rooms & showers for cyclists
  • Bicycle service 365 days a year with MIOO!

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. As an employer / property owner, you sign an agreement with MIOO.
  2. Users register on MIOO’s landing page
  3. We activate new users until a maximum number is reached.
  4. Users download the MIOO app and book service.
  5. Our Bike Buddies service user’s bikes wherever they are.
  6. Users can book bicycle service all year round.

Prices for 2020/2021:

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At DNB, we like to see our staff cycle to work or in their daily lives as part of contributing to sustainability and health.

Having the opportunity to service their bike at work is both luxurious and a great initiative to get more people cycling.

Thanks MIOO!

Camilla, Salesperson at DNB Sweden and co- founder of an exercise and sports promotion association at DNB.