Sweden’s first insurance for used bicycles.
We make cycling safer, more secure and more sustainable.

Bicycles play a key role in the circular economy of the future. More people are cycling and an increasing number are also buying used bikes. We have developed a tailor-made insurance solution so all cyclists can insure their bikes, even used ones.

Our bicycle insurance contains a deductible (maximum 10 000 kr) in accordance with your home insurance if your bicyle is lost, damaged or stolen. Quite simply, we will pay your home insurance deductible. Your bicycle is also registered in our own searchable anti-theft database.

Why choose MIOO Safety?

No lock-in period
You don’t pay deductible
For all bicycles – second hand like new
Anti-theft registration
Only 29 kr/month

Download document:
Insurance terms

MIOO Safety for 29 kr/month

Reporting damage:

Damage must be reported to Omocom as soon as you become aware of the damage. For questions please call 08 520 278 70 or email hello@omocom.se.

In the event of a claim, please send: Completed claim report and a copy of the compensation statement regarding your deductible from your insurance company.

We pay your home insurance deductible in the event of damage, theft or loss.

Your bicycle is also registered in our anti-theft database. You can also add SSF Bicycle marking which contains several layers of anti-theft marking and MarkDNA which makes your bicycle internationally traceable and can have a deterrent effect on thieves and heelers.

MIOO Safety bicycle insurance and anti-theft registration