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Here you’ll find the answers to the most common questions the Mioo support receives.

What can MIOO do?

We fix your puncture and replace your old tube with a new one.

We change your tires. If you want you can buy a pair of new tires from us, chat with us when you do your booking if you want us to bring a new pair of tires for you.
Adjustment and tuning of brakes, gears and tire pressure.
– Cleaning of bike and chain lubrication
– Safety check and an inspection of your bike.
– Service protocol updated after each service
If your bike needs any additional repairs or replacement parts, we can offer these services as ad-ons you can pay for when you meet your Bike Buddy.

Mioo does not service cargo bikes, prams, fat bikes or electric scooters.

We service ordinary electric bicycles, with the same type of services as other bicycles, ie punctures, service, gears etc. We do not handle the electrical system and the battery.

Yes, we do serve all bikes, but be aware that if the bike is very worn out and in bad shape it might be a good idea to invest in a new bike since the cost for repairs might be high to get the bike in such shape that it lives up to your expectations.

Service Subscription

With our subscribtion Safety & Service, you pay a fixed amount to access our services as often as you need.

You get continuous access to personal help with several different matters concerning your bike. You get help from a Bike Buddy with quality-assured competence that makes maintenance, service and basic repair of the bike.

You can subscribe to our different subscription plans in our app.

The service agreement runs for 3 months or 12 months at a time and is automatically extended at the end of each period if you do not terminate the agreement.

You can easily terminate your subscription in the app. Go to “My Profile”, select “My Account” and then select “Manage your subscription”.

Additional Services

If your bicycle needs repair not included in the basic service we offer you additional services.

Our most common additional services are replacement of brake pads, wire set for gears, replacement of brakes, replacement of chains and cassettes or changing to new bicycle tyres.

The full list of our most common additional services can be found here.

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