À la carte Service PLUS

Does your bike need extra love? As a subscriber, you have access to Service PLUS – an á la carte menu of advanced bicycle services to complement our Service BASIC offering. Choose what you need and skip the rest.

How does it work?

Service PLUS is for slightly more complicated bicycle fixes like changing brake pads, chains, gear cables or tires. Services that are needed less often, but are just as important.

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Only available in Stockholm for now

What’s in our PLUS menu?

Material and labor costs included in price

Tire Change (1 wheel) 599 kr
Tire Change (2 wheels) 799 kr
Winter Tire Change (existing tire) 399 kr
Winter Tire Change (including new tires) 999 kr
Replace brake / gear cable (1 pc) 399 kr
Replace brake / gear cable (2 pcs) 599 kr
Replace brake & gear cables 799 kr
Replace brake pads (1 wheel) 599 kr
Replace brake pads (2 wheels) 799 kr
Replace brake disk (1 wheel) 599 kr
Replace brake disk (2 wheels) 799 kr
Bleeding brakes (hydraulic) 599 kr
Brake Package 1 (pads + bleeding)
999 kr
Brake Package 2 (pads + disk + bleeding) 1399 kr
Chain replacement (single speed / hub gear) 599 kr
Replacement of chain & cassette (7, 8, or 9 parts) 999 kr
Install lights & reflectors 799 kr

The services in the price list above can be ordered by MIOO subscribers. Ordering is done by consultation with a Bike Buddy or via email at expert@mioo.cc. Prices include materials and labor costs. Components used are in accordance with MIOO’s standards. If other components are desired, an additional cost will be added.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact expert@mioo.cc