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MIOO – the all in all app for your bicycle

From purchase to maintenance, we streamline bike ownership. Making everyday cycling accessible for all.

Today 40% of bikes are standing unused due to minor problems like flat tires, which could be easily fixed by someone with the right knowledge.

This is where MIOO comes in. When purchasing a bike online, it is automatically linked to an MIOO account where customers can book services, subscribe for insurance and mobile bike service, and join the MIOO community for support.

We keep bikes rolling!

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News & Media

Finalist at Start-Up Awards during Micromobility Conference

25 October, 2023|

Recently, MIOO made a mark in the micromobility industry by clinching a spot as a finalist at the prestigious start-up awards during the Micromobility Conference in San Francisco. We are very proud of this achievement, considering the stiff competition from established hardware companies specializing in batteries and vehicles.

MIOO Scores High on Net Impact

23 March, 2023|

MIOO has been evaluated through Upright, a platform quantifying the net impact of companies. The result shows that MIOO has a very positive Net impact ratio of 78%.

MIOO Winner of inUse Award 2022

23 November, 2022|

The InUse Award is an award that aims to highlight good examples in Swedish digital design. In this year's competition, several strong entries were nominated, of which 10 were selected for the final.


Mioo Cyclings rating on App Store

Average rating of our app: 4.8/5

This is MIOO

From purchase to maintenance, we streamline bike ownership with a comprehensive platform

Get back in the saddle with MIOO – Leave the care of your bike to us!

Bicycle services tailored for e-commerce and companies of all sizes

The MIOO Bike Buddy Community

Our community provide a platform for members to share their interests, inspire each other, and learn new things related to cycling.

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