Niklas is in his third year as Bike Buddy

MIOO Bike Buddy Niklas
Niklas is a MIOO Bike Buddy in Stockholm and is one of our most experienced Bike Buddies. It’s Niklas you can see in the video showing what a day in the life of a Bike Buddy can look like. Who is Niklas, and what made him become a Bike Buddy for MIOO?
What do you do when you’re not fixing bikes?
I run an IT consulting company since 2006. In my job, I solve various types of IT-related problems and handle maintenance. It can be anything from internet issues to customers’ phones. Running my own business suits me well, and I have never regretted transitioning from being an employee in the same field to being self-employed with the increased freedom it provides.

Why did you become a Bike Buddy?
I have always enjoyed tinkering and consider myself to be quite handy. When I came across MIOO, I found the job as a Bike Buddy interesting and applied. It’s wonderful to be able to help people who have problems with their bikes so that they can get back on their bikes again. Plus, I love cycling myself. It’s great to bike around the city between different customers on a nice day, and I get some exercise as a bonus.

How long have you been a Bike Buddy?
Since April 2021, so I’m in my third year.

Can you tell us about a Bike Buddy assignment that you remember particularly well?
I think most assignments are enjoyable. You receive a lot of appreciation from customers when you help them with their bikes. For me, the variety is also fun; it’s a completely different job than my daily job as an IT consultant.

How do you use your bike in your daily life?
Currently, I primarily use my bike for transportation. I live centrally in Stockholm, and the bike is the most convenient way for me to get around the city. Previously, I competed in mountain biking, and in recent years, I’ve also done a lot of downhill cycling.

What does the bike mean to you? It means everything to me!
I would be very upset if someone stole it. About a month ago, I was supposed to meet my wife for an after-work gathering. When I tried to lock the bike outside the restaurant, the lock malfunctioned, and I had to leave the bike unlocked. I didn’t want to disappoint my wife, so I went into the restaurant anyway, but I couldn’t stand it for more than 10 minutes. The fear of the bike being stolen was too great. I simply had to apologize, say goodbye to my wife, and ride back home where I could securely lock up my prized possession. Luckily, I have a wife who understands my love for the bike!

What tips do you have for getting more people to use the bike as a means of transportation in their daily lives?
Better bike storage should be arranged for everyone living in the city. If you live in an apartment, there should be access to a secure, locked space where you can fit your bike and where it’s also easy to take it in and out when you want to use it. I also think there should be more bike parking spots with the option to lock the bike outside in the city.

I personally bike all year round, but I understand that not everyone is eager to go out in the dark, slush, and cold that we often have here in Stockholm during the winter. We can’t do much about the weather, but if anyone wants me to come and switch to winter tyres on their bike,  I will come!