Terms & conditions MIOO Cycling, UK

Valid from 2021-03-09


These terms of use (the “Terms”) apply between the customer (the “Customer”) and MIOO Cycling AB (“MIOO”) when using MIOO’s web applications, products and services (“the Services”).

The customer’s access and use of the Services is made possible only after the Customer consents to be bound by the Services.

The terms may change from time to time and it is the responsibility of the Customer to keep up-to-date on terms and conditions in force at any time.

Changes can be made to your subscription. MIOO has the right to change the subscription and the price on different occasions; Price changes or subscription changes are always notified at least 30 days before your subscription period expires.

MIOO owns the Service and through this Customer offers various services and products. The services can be offered in collaboration with external and independent partners (“External Partners”). External Partners may, within the framework of the Services, offer their own products or services (“Third Party Services”). If this is not expressly stated in the Terms, the Terms also apply to Third Party Services. Similarly, Third Party Services are included in the term Services in these Terms.

Payment of the Services and Third Party Services can be made through an external payment solution, which may contain additional conditions linked to the payment of Services.


Through the Customer’s acceptance of these Terms, MIOO grants to the Customer a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, time-limited and revocable, non-transferable license to use MIOO’s software (the “Software”) in order to gain access to the Services and other content and materials available through the Services, for Customer’s non-commercial use.

MIOO can terminate the licensing at any time and without any special reason.

The Customer may not compile, license, deconstruct, decompile, re-create, modify, transmit, sell or otherwise dispose of the Software other than to use the Services.


For access to the Services, the Customer must register and create a user account. The user account must be linked to a natural person over the age of 18. The customer’s registration means that personal information is submitted to MIOO. This information includes, among other things, name, address, telephone number, payment details (for example, credit card number), details of the customer’s bicycle / bicycle (including picture).

It is the responsibility of the Customer to maintain and update the information associated with the user account. Incorrect information may result in the Services being completely or partially unable to be implemented.

The personal information that MIOO receives from the Customer is used to deliver the Services, but may also be shared with external partners for marketing purposes.

MIOO may temporarily store connection data, for example IP address, for security reasons. The connection data is treated confidentially and is not stored or shared by MIOO.


By creating a user account, the Customer accepts that MIOO or external partners may send messages with information (SMS, e-mail, etc.) about offers from MIOO or its external partners. The Customer can at any time choose to be removed as a recipient of messages by contacting MIOO’s customer service department and state their telephone number and notify that messages are no longer desired.

By accepting these Terms, the Customer acknowledges that the Customer is aware that deletion of the notice in accordance with the preceding paragraph may limit the Customer’s use of Services.


The Services include a technical platform to which the Customer can access via the web application or through the web interface, collectively and individually referred to as the “App” and means that the Customer, via a registration procedure, registers as the Customer and can book the Services to the place where the Customer’s bike is located.


The Customer orders and books the Services online and pays through the payment solution provided by MIOO via third parties via STRIPE. The Customer will have to register for the payment solution and accept the current terms for the payment solution.

By booking the Services via MIOO, a contractual relationship arises between the Customer and MIOO.


The Customer can book One-off services in the App and pay for each booking. The Customer can also sign up for a subscription and pay a fixed price, where all our One-Off services are included.

A subscription is paid in advance and runs for 3 or 12 months at a time and can be canceled at any time.

On request, mechanics are available to be booked for services and mechanical assistance according to * spec below. Bookings are always done via the App.

Booking is available at addresses according to MIOO’s “Work Zones” which are displayed on the map in the app and according to the calendar and availability of mechanics.

Support is available every day via email hello@mioo.cc

All our current services and subscriptions can be found in the MIOO app and on our website.

Repairs and parts

Spare parts changes and repairs are not included in the subscription. MIOO offers such services to the customers under a certain price list – Ad-ons.


Current prices for Services are provided through the App

The subscription is automatically extended for if the Customer does not actively enter and terminate the subscription before the period expires.

As stated above, MIOO has reached an agreement with an external payment solution to facilitate the Customer’s payment to MIOO.

Payment of the prices charged is made through the payment solution and is considered to be the same as payment made directly by the Customer on an individual basis.

If it is determined that Customer’s stated payment method has expired, is invalid, or does not work, the Customer agrees that MIOO can instruct the payment solution to use an alternative method for payment, or alternatively an invoice is generated to the Customer from MIOO.

MIOO reserves the right to assign its rights and obligations under the Terms to third parties, provided that the acquiring company / person can reasonably be expected to fulfill its obligations under the Terms in a manner satisfactory to the Customer.

The services are provided without guarantee that they work smoothly or without interference. MIOO also does not provide any warranties regarding the App’s functionality availability, usability or security.

MIOO is never responsible for indirect damage, financial damage, consequential damage or damage that is difficult to predict. MIOO is not responsible for data loss. Furthermore, MIOO’s liability is limited to £425 in each individual case. In the event that the Customer considers that MIOO is liable for damage, the Customer shall without delay notify MIOO of the claim. MIOO makes no warranties or representations regarding the results of the third-party service and assumes no liability for damages caused to the Customer in the performance of the Services or damages arising in connection therewith.


For these conditions Swedish law applies. All disputes between MIOO and Customer shall be settled in a public court in Sweden.